2 Responses to Pleiadian Message for Cancer Full Moon

  1. Monica O’Connor

    Dear Barbara, you popped up on my ‘feed’ I think it’s called (sorry I’m not very tecchy!😆) two days ago and I’ve been following you ever since. I have to say that I felt a love for you and could hear your hear and feel your integrity a few minutes in. I never heard of you before this but I’m very glad I know of you now.🙏 Many blessings to you and your goodness.

  2. Leonie Patrice/ previously Rosenberg

    Hi Barbara
    How wonderful to come across your predictions 2019 video and follow to your website.
    What a joy to see my old friend on you-tube, having lost touch living on different continents. How radiant, wise, powerful and courageous you are and how magnificently you are sharing your smorgasbord of gifts with the world. I especially love your channeling!!!
    You are a great blessing!

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