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  1. Monica Malik

    Dearest Barbara
    I discovered you by “ chance” beginning of 2019. I truly love and appreciate your work as an astrologer, but especially your Playadian channelings are wonderful. It seems i am very drawn to the Playadians, also reading a series of books by a German writer Pavlina Klemm, with very powerful messages to the times we live in.
    I have been on a spiritual journey for some time, consider myself to be a “ lightworker”, but lately, I am finding it increasingly difficult, as it seems so many personal relationships are falling apart, and possibly even my long-term marriage of 37 years.
    Is it possible to have a half an hour reading with the Playadians, to give me a higher view on things. May it be possible in the next two days? Monday 30 Sept / Tuesday ? Flexible time.
    Kindest regards
    Monica Malik, Switzerland / 18.3.1963, 12:03 / Baden AG

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