5 Responses to Pleiadian Message for Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – You are a Gem!

  1. Karen

    Thank you Barbara for your videos. You do cheer me up with your energy and words lol your silent night tune, brilliant your doing great uplifting people with your positive energy xxx thanks new song good go for it Barbara be proud

  2. Noreen Statler

    Your music from the Pleiladians was just beautiful. I have listened to your channel, sometimes for Astrological information. I like the way you deliver it. I am a Capricorn Artist. Thanks for your information.

  3. Grace McNamara

    Hello Wonder Being of De-light
    You have added So much Light in my world since recently discovering you on Utube.
    I definitely will be in contact for a paid encounter very soon. I’m already playing around with possibilities. Thankyou for Being the Diamond Sun

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