2 Responses to Pleiaidian Message for Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

  1. Eduardo Vanzini

    Great message. I love my Pleadian ancestors constantly giving us news. Yes as an artist i am extremely curious for new colors ,more more more colors.

  2. Lori Mills

    Hello dear Barbara 🙂 What a delight you are! I am smiling ear-to-ear after watching your Blood Moon video, hearing you play Mozart, then hearing your Pleiaidian Message (what a treat!). I share so many of your interests it is really something that I found you. I want to get a reading from you. I am so ready for the launch of this new period in time. I haven’t had a reading in 20 years (at age 35 when I was pregnant with my daughter). I have had my birth chart done, so now I just need to decide how long of a reading that I should schedule with you. I will be in touch soon. Thank you for being you and for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm in such an authentic, whimsical way! You are such a bright light shining so that others can also feel their own light shining again from inside. An absolute treasure to our world now~ I feel so much more hope after hearing your interpretation of what this lunar eclipse means to us on a personal and global level. Brilliant 🙂

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