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  1. Nancy

    Your good words fill me with inspiration. I’m so excited about 2018, and even though events in the world look scary, I’m somehow unafraid. And I live in the US! So that’s really saying something! Love you, Barbara!

  2. Roland Mueller

    Dear Barbara
    Great, what I just heard from the Video.
    I’m middle of preparing the next brochure (the first story was published in December) in a row about a “Kurhaus” =? assembly rooms [at a health resort] from 1910 to 1920 near the place I ‘m living. Now I have been asked to give a presentation end of january 2018. Together this is exactly what was also mentioned around minute 4 in your FCST 2018! great! Because this year there is more to come which is already in a project.
    I became 80 last december. So its wonderful to be able to do all this searching and publishing.
    All the best and thank you Roland

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