8 Responses to Scorpio April 2015

  1. Loes

    Dear Barbara,
    was just surfing and came across your april forecast –
    Barbara – you are high on my list of heroes!
    Despite of all that is happening in your life!

  2. Julie

    Hi Barbara
    So pleased to see you looking so much happier! I was worried about you back along and could not bear to see you so hurt, but you are amazing! – and brave, too, to share your story with us all. Really appreciate you sending out your videos, (even when things were difficult…) – always look forward to them as I love to know what is going on in the heavens and you bring it all to light! Seeing it visually is so helpful too and I am learning so much! Waiting excitedly to hear about your new projects and ideas!
    Here’s hoping good things are just around the corner for you. You deserve them,
    Love Julie

  3. Noel

    You really are gifted Barbara, thank you for your talent. May you please send me an email with more information on what to supply you to get a personalized reading from you?

  4. Jessica

    I enjoy your videos a lot . But I was wondering why does astrologist never speak of the seniors. You all speak of work, relationships. I would like to find love again, but have giving up. I’m 66 but don’t feel old.
    Just wondered how all this astrology stuff works for senior

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Hi Jessica, although one’s needs and desires change as one gets older, I don’t think that retirement suits most people. Everyone has something unique that they can contribute. Look at Grandma Moses who began seriously painting when she was 78 years old! I have clients who find love in their 70’s and beyond, so it’s not impossible, just different. So if you don’t feel old, and if the aspects in your chart are favourable for meeting someone new, then there’s no reason why it cannot happen. Best wishes, Barbara

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