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  1. Allisa

    Hi Barbara! Watching and listening to your videos is like a “breath of fresh air”, more so at this time of the eclipse. I am a Libran with Cap moon and Aries Asc, so am really feeling the energies. You have been through alot lately, but still continue to gracefully and generously help others with your gifts. Thanks so much!

  2. Maria Polmeer

    Sharing your Libra reading with Emmanuel Elliott my penpal in the UK.
    He’s the author of “Dawning” and you may well find his website interesting

    Love the way you look in that video! As though even more feminine and pretty since that wrecking ball of a transit knocked you around. Blessings from Oz.

    XX Maria

  3. Connie Stewart

    Hi Barbara – there are so many astrologers out there, but you are one of my favorites. You’re so kind, insightful, and a friend to so many people. I wanted to wish you well and thank you for all your good work!

  4. Taaja Kayler

    Yes, you are like a friend. You are joyful to follow and I love the way you do your work.
    My daughter introduced me to you and it is a pleasure to look forward to your kind words about all of us. Cheers!

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