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  1. heidi campbell

    hi Barbara! thanks for the great video. they are always so hepful and something to look forward to each month. do you have any feedback about Saturn and how it could be infuenced in the 4th house during the eclipses and Venus moving into the 10th? thank you for everything! – heidi

  2. Tracy

    Hi Barbara

    I want to tell you how much I like your you tube videos and I am now on your mailing list. You do a great job in with your monthly forecasts and I like that you have the chart on the video and move the planets so we can follow along with the movement of the planets.
    I’m so sorry to hear of the difficult times you are having. I holding you to the light. You mean very much to many of us. I’m wishing you much joy and peace as you move forward in new directions.

  3. Godelieve Vaesen

    Hi, Barbara, I’d like so much to be with you in Londen but I’m an invalide so I can’t. I wish you lots of luck with your seminar! And of course in all the rest of your live! Thank you so much for your video’s! Lots of love, Godelieve

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