Full Moon in Leo on Valentine's Day

Full Moon in Leo – Time to Enjoy!

It’s a Good Time to:

  • Celebrate, play, have a party
  • Do something really fun
  • Plan an evening of games or go out dancing
  • You might want to have a little flutter on the horses or on the lottery as Leo does rule gambling and speculation – just don’t take it seriously, see it as a bit of lighthearted fun
  • It’s a good time for scouting out bargains in the sales
  • Be generous to those you love
  • Actively bring more romance into your life
  • Plan a romantic day and focus on the things that you appreciate in your friends and the people you love
  • Focus on what you love about yourself – don’t wait for appreciation from others, appreciate your great qualities
  • If you don’t have a partner and you would like one, be clear about what your emotional needs are and set a clear intention to draw someone into your life who ticks the boxes
  • Play like a child or have fun with children
  •  Ignite your creativity: it could be with music, art, theatre, writing, designing, or developing a hobby into a business
  • Surround yourself with bright colours that uplift you e.g. reds, oranges, bright yellows
  • Take pride in your appearance
  • Promote yourself and your ideas in a new way. Think about where can you break free from old destructive behaviour patterns, what have you been putting off that you have always wanted to do?
  • It’s a good time to get yourself organised – Leo loves to organise and boss everyone around, but are you organised enough in your life so that you can achieve your goals?
  • Speak up for yourself – don’t allow yourself to be a doormat and communicate what is on your mind

While the Moon is in Leo, the Sun is in Aquarius and the Full Moon is all about achieving the balance between the two signs. Aquarius and Leo are all about balancing our personal needs with the desires of others.  

Aquarius is connected to the 11th house of friends, communities, groups and all our social networks. That includes all the popular and growing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, forums, online groups, as well as the friends we make through blogs, articles and websites.

Leo needs full on personal attention and needs to be appreciated.  To fulfill the energies of this Full Moon, do something nice for a friend, a possible new friend, an old friend, or a group of friends. Even a small gesture such as a phone call, a lunch date, a tweet, a message, anything that says you’re important to me in my life, you’re my friend and I appreciate you in my life.

The Full Moon falls in my third house of teaching, promoting, networking and learning. It’s a great opportunity for me to share more articles, blogs, videos, cds, dvds, and to continue to express my excitement about astrology and how it can help people in all areas of their lives. I’ve got a lot of new and exciting things planned that I will be sharing!!

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