Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February 6th

Mercury goes retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces on February 6th until the end of the month.

How can you use these energies wisely?

Because Mercury rules communication, transportation and technology, you may have some challenges in these areas during the retrograde. There could be delays and you could be frustrated about emails getting lost, a phone call that was promised not happening or adverse weather conditions affecting your travel plans.

Make sure you double-check all information you are given, repeat instructions and get everything in writing. During the last Mercury retrograde, my taxi arrived half an hour late to take me to the airport and as if that wasn’t enough, he took me to the wrong airport!

If you work with the energy, Mercury Retrograde can be a very rewarding time. As it’s in a Water sign, this is a time for listening more, for coming from your heart.

Go for a walk in nature, be near water, meditate and allow your mind to slow down. Do some journaling, listen to music, dance, take photographs, make films, do anything creative.

Try to become aware of any area in your life where you are deluding yourself, or where you are being unrealistic. For example, I had a client with Mercury in Pisces in the 4th house and she has had her property on the market for sale for over 6 months. She keeps telling herself that it’s a bargain and she can’t understand why there hasn’t been any interest in it. I told her to use this retrograde constructively and reflect on the reasons as to why it hadn’t sold. Was it priced right so it could sell, or was she dreaming of the impossible? Was her realtor putting enough energy into selling the property? Maybe she should change realtor?

I told her not to take any action until Mercury goes direct at the beginning of March, but to use this time for quiet reflection, reassessment and realignment of what she wants to achieve.

Depending on where this Mercury retrograde is falling in your chart, this will show you which life area needs to be re-evaluated or reworked. In my chart, it falls in my 9th house which is the house of publishing. I am in the process of writing another book, and Mercury retrograde periods are always good times for writing as the mind slows down and can articulate thoughts more easily. And with Neptune touching this transit, anything connected with astrology and metaphysics is favourable.

It’s a wonderful time for completing things that have already been started. I’ve been working on an upgrade of my website for the last few weeks and it’s going to go live during the Mercury retrograde. Because people’s thinking processes are not quite as clear during Mercury retrograde, it will be the perfect time to correct any kinks in it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling the effects of this retrograde. This morning I had an appointment with someone and when I called her to find out where she was there was no reply. I called a half hour later and I heard a sleepy voice at the end of the line apologising saying she had overslept…

Where is it in your chart and how will it affect you?

Be careful about sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings as there could be misunderstandings. If you have any important business to accomplish, e.g. signing a contract, make sure you have everything in writing, that you have triple-checked it and that you have printed hard copies of everything.  Spend time alone, relax and recharge your batteries.

This is a good time to meet up with old friends. Take time to really listen to them and focus on coming from your heart. You may have an opportunity to see an old relationship in a new light and to find a deeper bond between you. Reflect on your goals and dreams and make sure you have paper and pen by the bed as your dreams will guide you towards your next steps.

There could be confusion in the workplace, so make sure you have kept impeccable records of all discussions. Reflect on what you want in your career and reconsider your next steps. An old boss or work colleague may get in touch with you and offer you a new opportunity.

This is a great time to research a new course of study. Re-examine your educational qualifications and see if there are any extra skills you need to learn. Writing, journaling and publishing are under excellent aspects. Think about your dream destination for that special trip and start connecting with people in that country.

Be careful about signing any important contracts, especially anything involving finances as you may have to repeat or revise something when Mercury goes direct in March. Re-evaluate everything connected to your finances: your banking arrangements, your pension, your insurance etc. This is a wonderful time for deep meditation and for studying anything in the metaphysical field.  

You may experience miscommunications in your relationships. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt as their thinking processes are not as sharp as usual. Don’t take things too personally and try to listen to the message behind the words. This will help you to achieve greater closeness in your relationships.

There could be confusion in your workplace and this would be a great time to use your diplomatic abilities to smooth ruffled feathers. Make sure your diet is healthy and that you don’t relapse into old unhealthy habits. Re-evaluate your exercise regime and anything connected with your health.

This is a great time for anything that gets your creative juices going. Anything connected with the arts, dance, music, doing things with your hands is under positive aspects. If you are in business for yourself, this is a good time to research new products and services that you can add when Mercury goes direct.

Communications related to family members or issues around the home could be confused or delayed. Use this time to go inward and to find quiet space on your own. By the beginning of March you will be ready to take action.

You may experience travel delays so make sure you allow extra time for getting to important meetings. This is a great time for research, for study, for getting to the bottom of a situation.

Make sure you are being realistic about your finances. Avoid buying big ticket items as they may be faulty or you might not like them any more when Mercury goes direct. If you do purchase something, keep the receipt and warranty.

Relax, rest, take time out. Meditation will be very powerful at this time as the Pisces energy will bring answers to issues that are concerning you. Focus on your heart energy and be kind to yourself. Listen to what your body is wanting and give it the love it is craving.

Most of all, trust your intuition and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.


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