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  1. A

    Thank you Blondie for your uplifting monthly video. I committed suicide–that is to say that I didn’t try to kill myself, I took enough benzodiazepines tablets that God only know hhow I’m still alive. For all you reader out there, not recommended: liver damage will cause dying in atrocious pain; gastric wash are not fun and even if, like me, you manage to survive, the immune system get severely weakened from the experience and the drugs take ages to leave the blood stream.
    On a happier note, Barbara, I do love your new hair do even more now that there’s a bit of contrast with the regrowth! What which my Pisces Venus in the first house (or second, depending on the system used), I can’t wait see your video next month when your hair will have grown a bit longer. Blessings, A.

  2. Eva

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words! You couldn’t be more right I am an Aries seeking. Both You and your hair is beautiful. Love to read your horoscope. Love from me!

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